Saturday, January 8, 2011

Put a good face on it!

One of C.S. Lewis’ beloved characters in The Silver Chair goes by the name of Puddleglum. He is incurably pessimistic in the most endearing way and provides a good amount of the comedic dialogue in the novel. One of his most common phrases is in response to his companion’s optimism about what he sees as a dire situation, he exclaims: “That’s putting a good face on it!”

This phrase is one I need to apply to my outlook on this coming semester: I’ll admit, I am dreading, dreading, dreading my return to Chico. I can’t pin-point one specific reason for my dread; I suppose it is caused by several small{ish} things combined. I am, however, trying to “put a good face on it” and really hoping to thrive.

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